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2014 will see the UK's oldest paintball event return for its 14th year and BIG changes will see the entire event move under cover to take away the vagarities of the British weather.


An enormous 12,000 square feet marque (or over 1/4 acre!!) will see staging, registration, eating areas, stage, party, bar and even traders all move under cover so no matter what the weather - players will have a perfect weekend!


This year also see's a new sponsor join the party with Tiberius Arms putting on a fantastic program of events all weekend and supporting players just where we all need it - on the ground at events. Tiberius pistol challenges, shooting competitions, kids sniper competitions and the 4 man Tiberius Team Challenge will add masses of new exciting activities for players and all are absolutely FREE of charge. We are delighted to be working with the leading manufacturer of Pistol and Magfed products for this event.


There will be tonnes of things going on to keep everyone in the family happy, whether they play or not. Non players can relax in the luxury coffee shop or have a beer or glass of wine in the bar. Kids can bounce themselves silly on the bouncey castles or take part in the kids activities and older kids can gunfight themselves to a standstill with dozens of hours of paintball on offer over the weekend.


Staargate is officially the UK's Number 1 Big Game (voted 'UK Scenario Event of the Year 2011 & 2014 by UK players) and a fantastic weekend festival of paintball for players of all experience.


First time player? Brand new team? Old grizzled veteran? International Super Star? If you love paintball.............you'll love Staargate.




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